Resume Updating Tips for New Moms


After giving birth, taking a break to tend to your baby, and nursing your health, you decide to get back to work. That’s a good idea but the first thing to do would be to sit down and check your resume. It needs to be updated.

You may have worked very hard at home but that won’t really bother or move potential employers. That is why you should check out your resume and make sure it is up to date. If you are lost, these tips will help you:

  1. Fine tune the gap: It can be very difficult for you to get back to working after a few months or years of gap. You have to compensate for it. Technology is changing so fast that skills get outdated before you know it. Simply brush up what you are good at by taking a couple of courses.
  2. Volunteer: Volunteer to showcase some skills that will come handy. Decision making, leadership, and management are some such skills. Unpaid jobs will help you with this.
  3. Get noticed: Do something that will make you stand out. Writing an e-book is an excellent idea. Simply put down anything you are good at – even potty training. That will help. You could even start a small business from home. That will show you are driven.
  4. Update the format: Check the latest resume format and update your resume accordingly. Note that no one is interested in “Objective” anymore.

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