4 Subtle Signs That You Are Getting Fired


Has the time come? Are the curtains going to be shut on you shortly? How do you know whether you are going to be fired? Signs.

There are always signs. Some signs are quite prominent such as being put up for an improvement plan or a call for a totally unplanned evaluation. Other signs may be subtle. Let’s explore them.

  1. Your responsibilities have decreased. Work seems to be less all of a sudden? Trouble.
  2. Your boss used to talk to you regularly but now he is quite distant and is not as chatty. Your boss may be staying away because you are going to get fired soon.
  3. Social events or meetings – are you feeling left out? Are you feeling like you don’t belong? May be that’s because you really no longer do.
  4. Financial struggles. The company picks up the axe when it is financially struggling. It cannot afford so many employees. So, if that’s what happening, brace yourself for some bad news!

Image Credits: Oko_SwanOmurphy/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos


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