Things To Do When You Find Out He Cheated On You


The worst has happened. You found out he is cheating on you. Ouch.

Being betrayed is a nightmare that you simply can’t imagine coming true and when it happens to you, it is even worse than your nightmare. You see your world tumbling around you and the tears don’t stop. Your heart has ripped apart. Now what? You do not want to do anything except wait for the earth to swallow you but you must do something about it. Believe me, there are ways to cope up with it – together.

  1. First thing’s first, you must think and decide whether the relationship is worth it. Do you still want to be with him? This is a question you must answer not in anger or pain or love but practically. If he is worth it, you can go to the next step. Otherwise, you must break it off.
  2. Talk. If you think he is worth the pain he put you through, you should talk it out. Sit down with him and talk your heart out. Why did it happen? What was he thinking when it happened? How did he feel? This step threatens to tear you apart but you must do it.
  3. Take a break. You may fear that this will harm your relationship further but it is needed. You can get back together and talk when you have a clear head. The worst decisions are made in anger and pain. A break will minimize that risk.
  4. Go to couples counseling. Expert advice and effective communication could help you both.
  5. Forgive. If things go well and both of you decide to give it a shot, try to forget what happened. Forgive him and work on your relationship.
  6. If, even after months, you are unable to move on, you must breakup. It is not meant to be.

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