3 Signs That Show You Are Needy and Clingy


Are you in love? It is a great feeling, isn’t it? However, you may just ruin it by being too clingy and needy. There are many women who have destroyed their relationships because they were a little too clingy. Remember ladies that men hate it! They are different from us and they need time for themselves. Let them be!

Here are a few things that women do that men simply hate. Do you do them too?

  1. Texting him all the time: Texting once in a while is fine but if you text him constantly asking what he’s doing and where he is and what not you are too needy. Give him his space. Text him only when you have something to ask/say. Don’t text him just because you feel the need to.
  2. Needing to know where is all the time: Don’t freak out if he doesn’t talk or text you all day. He must be busy. You don’t need to know what he is doing all the time unless he had plans with you that he forgot or ignored.
  3. Feeling lost without him: This is a clear sign that you are extremely needy. Missing him is fine but if you feel like the world is dingy without him, you definitely need to refocus. You have a life beyond him. Don’t forget that.

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