6 Secrets To A Happy Marriage


What’s the secret to a happy marriage? There’s no single secret. We have MANY! Let’s find out a few here:

  1. Admitting mistakes: We are not perfect. We make mistakes every now and then. Confess your mistakes and learn from them. Try not repeating your mistakes. Admitting can really save a lot of marital trouble.
  2. Accept his mistakes: Just like we said, we are not perfect. Your spouse will also make mistakes. Accept them and forgive him when he apologizes. Let it go.
  3. Support each other: In public, your spouse may get into a fight. It is not good to reprimand him there if it is his mistake. Try ending the fight or argument and save your preaching until you reach home.
  4. Make coffee: It is not a rule that only one of you should make coffee everyday. If you are up first, brew some for both of you. It is a small but very sweet gesture.
  5. Give thoughtful gifts: They may be small but they should be thoughtful. Gifts can take you to heaven!
  6. Be sweet: Say sweet words such as thank you, I am sorry, and thinking of you. They are timeless.

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