May Be The Reason Why You Are Getting Married Is The Wrong One


When it is right, marriage is really heaven. When it is wrong, well, it is hell.

If you are planning on tying the knot soon, you may want to rethink the main reason behind it. May be it is the wrong one. We have a few examples:

  1. Interests: Sure, having similar interests feels great but that won’t hold you together forever. Being alike in all aspects can get boring real fast. Differences can help build a healthy relationship and add spice. Thus, having a few common interests and a few differences is advisable.
  2. No fighting: If you are both calm and can sort our differences with a relaxed mind, that’s great. But, if the reason why you don’t fight is that you want to avoid confrontation, you are doing is all wrong. Fights are actually necessary in healthy relationships. Sorry!
  3. Everyone else is getting married or is already married: Yes, it is difficult staying single while everyone else ties the knot but using that as a reason to get married is stupidity.

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