Insane ideas for making the perfect marriage proposal


Gone are the days when bending on knees and offering the ring, made up for the perfect proposal. There is a rising trend nowadays, to propose unconventionally. People are coming up with, and executing insane ideas, and their partners aren’t complaining.

If you are going to propose to your loved one shortly, you might want to give these crazy ideas a read. You never know what might just inspire you.

Here there are:

  • Make a proposal flip book! A company called ‘Flippist’ makes crazily cute personalized flip books that has a ring on the last page. We love the idea. Don’t you?
  • If your beloved is fond of music, write them a song! Compose a tune (if you are capable of that), or get it composed by someone. The song should end with the big question. Aww! An entire song dedicated to this beautiful moment. Beautiful we say!
  • Say it through a tree. Hang love notes, trinkets, and gifts all over its branches, and carve out the question on the bark! This one’s a perfect proposal for a nature enthusiast.
  • Get everything they love (their favourite food, flower, shirt, gadget etc.) and spell out ‘will you marry me?’ on an empty garden space. You would be, wont stoop awing and aahing.
  • Learn a bit of pottery and make lots of closed pots. Slip the ring into one when making it. Arrange them to spell your love message, and get him to crack them one by one, to get a huge surprise at the end.
  • Go on a hot air balloon ride together, and right in the middle of the clouds, where the earth is separated by the sky, make your proposal.

Whether or not you think these ideas were good, remember you can always twist them a bit to make it even better. Get your creative juices flowing! Here’s to making the best proposal ever!

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