It is hard being in a relationship!


Real relationships may seem outdated now but they still exist. Yes, you can still have a “real” relationship provided you follow the complicated rules that it is now laden with. Read more here:

  1. Of course you need chemistry in the relationship but do you think that’s enough? Oh, you are so naïve! Chemistry is only a part of a happy relationship. Trust, communication, and respect are the pillars.
  2. Want to be friends with the ex? Don’t.
  3. “He’ll want you back someday,” is the worst advice you could give. The key is to move on. You can’t sit around waiting for him.
  4. Yes, opposites attract but there are stipulations. Your core values still need to be the same.
  5. It is harder to date in this technologically driven world.
  6. Love is a choice, not just a feeling.

There you go! Relationships are tough and if there’s love and understanding there, it will work well for you.


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