How to know your relationship isn’t going anywhere


Love conquers all, they say. So, most of us inadvertently ignore warning signs in a bad relationship and wake up when it is too late. Yes, love is beautiful. But if you are caught up in the wrong relationship, trust it isn’t rosy.

Here’s how you can find out if your relationship is not ‘happily ever after’ and prepare to let go:

  • If you feel like you are over him a couple of times in a year and each time you are the one who has to deal with broken promises with little or no effort from him, things aren’t going to change. Time heals wounds, but does not fix relationships.
  • If a man is looking to commit, he will (most probably) do it within 3 years of a relationship. Even if he isn’t straight on putting a ring on it, at least some kind of promise is expected. If you ain’t getting it, chances are you won’t ever. Look for better prospects once you spend 3 birthdays without any sign of commitment from him.
  • They say the kind of music you want to listen to at any point of time largely depends on your state of mind at that moment. That explains why we want to listen to peppy romantic numbers when experiencing the first flush of love. If your preference of music shift from happy and romantic songs to those that express longing, angst, or sorrow, listen to your gut. Things sure look out of tune.
  • If you feel the need to check his phone and mails, you are in serious trouble. The need to spy comes from lack of proper communication. If you do not trust him like you trust yourself, time to say bye before’ rock bottom’ hits you.

There you go! Know that letting go and moving on is much less painful than hanging on for the heck of it. Look for signs so you aren’t sorry.


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