How to know if you are a toxic person in your relationship


Toxic people make life hard. They seem like they are just about themselves. Maintaining any kind of relationship with a toxic person is emotionally draining. Worse, with a toxic life partner.

Although it’s hard to admit that you might be a toxic partner, there are chances.

Read on to know the common habits that make you a toxic partner:

  1. You hate accepting blame, so you don’t. If you blame all your relationship woes on your partner without ever realising that you might have a role to play in the problem, you are in for trouble.
  2. You often say things you don’t mean when you have a bout of anger. You say things such as “what’s wrong with you?” or “You are good for nothing” causing invalidating environments.
  3. You are too stubborn for your partner’s taste. You never accept his influence and cause him to believe that his opinions are not valued.
  4. You are too dependent on your relationship. You completely rely on your relationship to feel good. It’s causing you to give threats of self-harm and keep your expectations sky high.
  5. You give the silent treatment, withhold sex for small transgressions, and punish your partner way too often. You always find yourself scolding and yelling and don’t remember when you last spoke calmly.

There you go! If you indulge in any of these demeaning behaviours, you might be infusing toxicity in your relationship. Time to realize and change.


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