7 Shallow Reasons For Breaking Up


What breaks a healthy relationship? While some answers that we got to this question were genuine and acceptable, others surprised us. Some even shocked us because we thought they were a little too shallow! There are things that you can work out, you know! You don’t need to take a saw at the branch you are sitting on for such stupid reasons.

Anyway, we’ll spell them out for you and you tell us whether you find these shallow reasons acceptable.

  1. He has girly hands.
  2. He talked about my lips on the first date.
  3. He played around with his arm brace.
  4. He kept going to the bathroom!
  5. He asked for a picture on the second date itself!
  6. His jeans were too short.
  7. He thought he looks like a celeb.

Are these reasons really genuine? Do you support the women who gave these reasons or do you think this is a little too strict and the guy deserves another chance? Let us know!

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