3 Myths About Men Busted


There are myths surrounding just about everything including men. Men try hard to impress us and we choose to believe myths or beliefs just because one guy or a few guys acted out. Let’s cut the guys some slack and understand them.

Here are a few myths that you should stop believing right now:

  1. They always break hearts: Even if you have been in 5 relationships and all 5 ended because the guy broke your heart, you cannot assume that all men are like that. It is just that you were in 5 bad relationships. You have been picking the wrong guys over and over. Stop and think about that.
  2. Men don’t like commitments: The right guy will definitely commit. Only the wrong guys do not commit because they are in the relationship for fun and not to commit.
  3. Men only want casual sex: Yes, men want sex but that doesn’t mean that sex is the only thing on their mind. The right guy will always see sex the way you do. Sex is about connection. Men want more then sex in a real relationship. If you always find men who want only sex, it is probably because you are putting up with shit. Stop that.

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