3 Ways Schools Can Make Education Easier for Pregnant Teenagers and Young Mothers


It is extremely difficult for teenage and college-aged parents to continue their education as it is and it is very sad that many schools and colleges make it even harder for them. Student parents have different needs and it is high time educational institutions made an effort to fulfill them.

Let’s take a look at what parents who are studying have to say about this:

  1. Allow children on campus: While it is not practical to allow children every day, there are circumstances that can’t be avoided such as the sitter cancelling at the last minute. Student parents usually study, work, and involve themselves in other activities to make money and pay for their studies. When the sitter cancels, it is very hard for them to cope up. Where will they leave their kid? Thus, colleges and schools must be slightly flexible and not have a strict no-children rule.
  2. Lactation rooms: New mothers have swollen breasts that leak due to milk production. It is very painful and distracting to go through this while in class. Providing clean lactation rooms can save a lot of headache and embarrassment as well.
  3. A respectful environment focused on learning: Pregnant teenagers and young mothers often a lot of humiliation at the hands of their classmates. One pregnant student had confessed that she was threatened and bullied. Her classmates threatened to beat her up until she miscarried. Authorities are often indifferent to many cases and that forces these students to dropout and to discontinue their studies. This is absolutely unacceptable and it is time authorities stepped up.

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