4 Weird Places Where Women Have Given Birth


Let’s shift gears from all those tips and advices today. Let’s take a look at pregnancy and baby birth from across the globe. We bring to you the weirdest ways and places that women have given birth:

  1. In Birmingham last year, a woman went into labor outside a Primark store! The Primark staff helped her with sheets and towels to protect her modesty until the paramedics arrived.
  2. An Indian woman gave birth to her baby during her wedding! Shockingly, no one thought about postponing the wedding. She simply delivered the baby and the rituals continued!
  3. In Nevada, a woman walked into Subway shop claiming she was in labor. The Subway employees had to act as midwives for her because the head of the baby was apparently already out.
  4. In 2011, a woman decided to give birth online for more than 2,000 people to watch. Her 2-year-old son was also present. It was he who cut the umbilical cord.

Image Credits: vzhik/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos


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