Things You Can Ask A Pregnant Woman


Yes, there are things that you shouldn’t ask pregnant women but that doesn’t mean you refrain from saying anything! There are rules, of course, but some things are okay to ask. She won’t burst into flame if you ask about the name or the gender.

  1. Is it a boy? Is it a girl? No problem! Pregnant women don’t mind being asked this question ten times a day – which they are asked, by the way.
  2. Have you decided a name yet? Of course everyone thinks of names but not everyone reveals them. It is no harm to ask, though. Feel free.
  3. If they are not finding out the gender, you can ask why without hesitation. Why not? Yes, you sound judgmental but in our experience, they don’t really care. Just make sure you don’t sound critical.
  4. May I touch your belly? Believe it or not, pregnant women want you to ask because not many care. They immediately touch and that’s very uncomfortable. Ask and then go ahead!
  5. Are you hoping for twins? Some people do. You can ask this without fear if she is your friend and you know she likes the idea of having twins.

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