How to care for your new-born’s skin


Your precious little bun is out of the oven now, and keeping it nourished and protected is your top most priority. Your little munchkin’s skin is delicate, and so is his immune system. Chemicals, dyes, and detergents can cause the skin to develop dryness, rashes, allergies, and chafing.

Here’s how you can protect and care for your precious little one’s skin:

  • Keep the baby warm. Cold temperatures can intensify skin dryness and aggravate rashes.
  • Avoid using lotions and creams as much as possible. Chemicals from these, can penetrate the skin and cause damage.
  • Avoid bathing the baby frequently. New-borns hardly get dirty. So, resist the urge to bathe the baby every single day. Long stay in the water can cause natural oils of the skin (that protect the baby’s skin) to rip off. This makes the baby more vulnerable to skin allergies.
  • Always wash clothes, before trying them out on your baby for the first time. Also ensure you only use baby laundry detergents, as they are free from fragrances and harsh chemicals.
  • Lastly nourish your baby’s skin with milk every once in a while, to help it retain moisture.

Optimum skin care of your little one will retain its coochie cooness for a long time.

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