How to upcycle your kids’ costumes


Halloween came and went in a jiffy. You did all you could to plot , plan, shop and sew the perfect costumes but now the Halloween is gone and you don’t know what to do with it. You are you’re your kids will sulk if asked to wear that same costume again next year. So what do you do? Should you still save that costume or throw it away?

Store it we say! Because we have got genius tips to upcycle the costumes and give it a new life.

Here’s what you can do:

  • You can use them for next year’s Halloween decorations. The scary looking masks can be used as centrepieces on the wall and the costume robes, hats, and wigs can be used to dress up scarecrows.
  • You can donate your costumes to less fortunate kids next year. There is nothing better than spreading smiles.
  • Organize a clothes swap event and call your neighbours, friends, and sundry. Get exchanging and see how much fun it is.
  • If your kid was dressed as a fairy queen princess, ditch those wings and wand and make a flower hair band and transform the costume to look more like a flower girls’.
  • Make a dress up box that kids can use for game playing. Even if your kids are too old to play dress up, consider giving it to a local school that can use it for plays.

Now go, get packing away those costumes!

Image Credits: bbbrrn/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos


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