How to put you baby to sleep without breaking your back


Almost all parents will admit to getting frustrated over a wailing baby in the middle of the night. What’s worse, parents lose half their sleep (and energy) putting the bub back to sleep. If you too are an exasperated parent, we have a guide you can follow put your baby to sleep without endless rocking.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Start by creating a conducive environment to sleep. Keep the lights dim, music soothing and the temperature perfect.
  • Ensure the baby has had his share or unrestricted movements and play before lulling him to sleep. (Avoid over stimulation though!)
  • Give your baby little massage with a light, warm oil. It helps them relax better and they end up sleeping more soundly.
  • Read them stories while lying in bed (that way you won’t break your back and shoulders holding them endlessly). A parent’s voice is soothing to a child’s ear.
  • Acknowledge your baby’s feelings when he cries in the middle of the night. Say things like ‘ I know you are having a hard time calming down’ and then say positive things like ‘ but I know you will be a good boy and go right back to sleep very soon’ When they say positive vibes travel to babies, they are damn right about it.
  • Lastly tuck your baby in comfortable bedding and have a light weight pillow over his chest to avoid jerks.

These tips will help you but remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. Load up on patience and you will inculcate good sleeping habits in your baby before you know it.

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