What to do after your child receives a college rejection


College rejections can be hard, not just on your child but also on the entire family.

As a parent, there are things you can do to ensure that your child is not traumatized due to a rejection. We understand it is tough for you but being there for your child is very important during such times.

  1. Watch the way you react. Being upset about a rejection will make your child feel even worse. Your child needs some support at this moment. Agreed that you are worried about her future and other financial matters but being upset will not help either of you.
  2. Let your child know that this is not a negative thing. Colleges have many reasons to reject a candidate besides the “not good enough” reason. Many colleges think you may be a better fit in another college. It is as simple as that. Looking at it this way and explaining this to your child will help.
  3. Be practical and explore other opportunities. Your child may have received acceptances from a school or two. Focus on those instead. Talk to the alumni, talk to the faculty, explore more about these schools, and visit them.
  4. In case your child hasn’t received any acceptances, you must be very calm. Agreed that it is a setback but there is no point making it seem like there is no hope will really affect your child. Your child can go to college in the fall or spring or a year later. No worries!

Do not react immediately. Take your time to calm yourself and then take the adequate steps.

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