How to make your kids learn to organise their space


They say, a messy room is a sign of genius. If your children are hyper, creative, or whatever, let them be. It is okay to create clutter (only as long as they know how to clear it).

We know it’s a huge task to clean a child’s bedroom only to have it look exactly the same in a few hours. Tell you what, instead of doing it yourself, you can totally make your child learn to do it himself. Saves you a lot of effort while making them responsible.

Here’s how to make your kids learn to organise their space:

  1. Make their storage space accessible. Your children should be able to reach up and hang clothes on the rod and reach the shelves meant for their things.
  2. Have hooks installed at the back of their bedroom door to enable them to easily hang their backpacks, jackets, and caps.
  3. Have a hammock on one corner of the room and get your kids to dump all their stuffed animals and large toys in the hammock. This will keep the toys off the bed and off the floor.
  4. Have fixed zones around the room and house to do specific tasks and have everything related to performing the task, in the zone. E.g. the bed can be their reading zone and books could be stored in the side table shelf or in a box under the bed.
  5. Establish limits for how much stuff is allowed to be home. If your child doesn’t use anything anymore, have him donate or throw away the items.

There you go! Here’s to a more organised space, even with kids!


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