Must Algebra II Really Be Mandatory?


Math blues!

Algebra II is mandatory for all kids and this doesn’t boil down well with many high school kids. The question is whether kids really need math. We have supporters and opponents in this regard.

Supporters say that dropping math will let kids choose vocational training. This can help them get very good jobs because today, a college degree is not a prerequisite even for high paying jobs. However, educational experts say that algebra II is extremely important just as algebra I. It helps them understand the basics, which will later help them understand science, technology, and engineering. If they don’t have basics in their grasp, the country’s competitiveness in the future will definitely be affected.

Math is important for kids to develop skills and not to just get better at math! Those skills are extremely important no matter which field you enter. Thus, it would be quite stupid to eliminate math. Texas has taken the lead and removed the requirement but many moms say algebra 2 must be mandatory because it is important for all kids.

What do you say?

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