10 Names for Baby Girls Born in July


Your baby is one month old and you still don’t have a name for her? How about naming her after a celebrity who was born in the same month? We have a wide selection of girl baby names to choose from based on celebs who were born in July. So, if your baby was also born in July and you are still hunting for a name, you could choose one of these:

  1. Pamela (Pamela Anderson)
  2. Gloria (Gloria Allred)
  3. Malia (Malia Obama)
  4. Lindsay (Lindsay Lohan)
  5. Jessica (Jessica Simpson)
  6. Phoebe (Phoebe Cates)
  7. Nancy (Nancy Carell)
  8. Monica (Monica Lewinsky)
  9. Louise (Louise Brown)
  10. Clara (Clara Bow)

Image Credits: AnaBGD/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos


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