4 Ways To Help Kids Get Over Their Fear of the Dark


Is your kid afraid of the dark? Poor baby.

Many kids are afraid of the dark. We know you are worried but you don’t need to feel helpless. You can help them get over their fear easily. Here are tips:

  1. Get him a pet: Some kids are afraid of the dark while others are really afraid of being alone. If the case is the latter you can adopt a pet such as a dog or a hamster or a fish. It helps a lot.
  2. Create a monster spray: Kids imagine a lot and think their imagination is real. They imagine a monster under the bed and are terrified at night. Make them a monster spray that gives them a sense of security. Simply use lavender water and spray it when your child is scared. For example, if he feels there’s something in the dark corner, just spray it there so he knows there’s nothing. Lavender is also very calming, which will help him settle down and sleep.
  3. Let him have a flashlight: Flashlights will help your kid a lot. Create a story about the flashlight for him. “A magical flashlight that scares away monsters!”
  4. Buy him a night-light plush toy: These plush toys cast stars on the ceiling, creating little light. That will help your kid sleep better. Also, the toy has a timer. It turns off automatically.

Image Credits: ASIFE/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos


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